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I've now come to realize that although the main reason, swinging, behind the events that occurred after Maddie died remains valid, and I was completely unaware of the real amount of both participants and accomplices in the cover-up that happened, as well as the complexities and power balances between the various relationships.

This makes my initial theory, below, full of errors. But a person should be evaluated not by the way it falls, but how fast it stands up. Only through trial and error, or in other words, learning by one's mistakes, can one be sure that one's next step is right.

The initial theory was written in the spur of the moment, more by instinct than by reason. It has since evolved significantly. But it was from there that everything else stemmed from.

Any comparison with with the below written and the stated in Textusa, is either misunderstanding the intent of this blog or deliberately ill-intentioned.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Theory


This a purely personal interpretation of all the information out there, and is based on my intuition and general logic.

The Tapas 9 are (were?) a part of a high-class swinging community. Far from me to judge each one’s right to privacy and choice of lifestyle. I think that Praia da Luz was a

However, I clearly condemn and abhor paedophilic behaviour. I do believe that only some few of these elements, namely David Payne, a man of strong and dominating personality and a pivotal character in this entire story, are involved in this type of aberration. But I also believe the majority of them are not.

The ramification of this VVVIP “swinging club” goes as high as the British Government itself, up to the possible involvement, direct or indirect, of Mr. Gordon Brown. I read somewhere that his wife and Kate McCann share a common friend, a colleague of the latter. Have no idea of the importance or relevance of this friendship, or even if it exists.

However, only at this very high level can I explain, to myself, the enormous capability and importance of those that have intervened in the misinformation campaign and in all the decision taking processes in this entire affair.

Hence the appearance of the Official Court-Clown, Mr. Clarence Mitchell, directly from some governmental agency.. The only paid spokesperson to a couple that had their child abducted, as far as I know. All other victims of crimes, have had, up to now, to solve this important image problem all by themselves. Clearly these McCanns are very important people. Unfortunate choice for a spokesperson, though. Probably not theirs, anyhow.

Sex and power is an Alliance that has been around for a long, long time. Much longer than the Portuguese-British one that is so much proclaimed and so very little respected. Specially in this case where Portugal has been humiliated beyond any dignity.

Besides it giving some explanation to myself, it also might explain why the McCanns are unable to sue anybody. Either the hearing would be behind closed doors, which would only delay the leaking of the facts (where they would finally be debated), or it simply cannot take place. Unless forced. Let’s hope.


On that particular afternoon, David Payne, after obtaining Gerry McCann´s consent at the tennis courts, David Payne and Kate McCann engaged in sexual activity in the apartment 5A, around about 18.30.

They probably went to the room and were at it when Maddie barged in for some reason, catching them in the act. At the age of four, the sexual act is nothing. Nor repulsive, nor traumatic, simply a strange way of adults playing games with each other. So, they had to be caught doing something that called to her attention and was compromising enough to have started an interaction between her and them that had tragic results for the child.

In my opinion, they were either caught with Kate manipulating David’s sex with her hand or having it in her mouth. David’s penis, for the four-year old, would then resemble a sausage with which her mother was playing and if she found it funny enough, to verbalize that fact. Something like “Mommy had David’s wiener in her mouth! Mommy had David’s wiener in her mouth!”, or “Mommy was playing with David’s wiener!”.

This, said out loud publicly would embarrass all. And, as after a child says her first swearword there follows an awkward silence that is picked up as having said something really interesting, in this instance, the attempted way to silence her only enhanced her conviction in repeating the words, louder and louder.

The attempts to silence her only aggravated in conviction and volume what she kept repeating. She wasn’t able to comprehend the seriousness of the words she was saying nor understand the adults’ reaction to them. For her, the more she shouted them, the more nerved they got. It was at this stage that the physical violence started. Incrementally. At some point, she started to jump up and down on the couch, shouting with the control and conviction that a child that age throws a tantrum or defies an adult.

David Payne must have slapped her hard enough to throw her off the couch and have her bang her head against the wall, dying instantly, or shortly thereafter. This scenario would explain the blood splattered on the walls. Kate’s bruises could be explained as result of her fighting David trying to appease him during all of this.

David was never looked upon for blemishes. Nothing states he had any, but nothing says he didn’t.

The child is dead. No ambulance can be called, It’s evident that she didn’t fall, but flew off the couch.

An explanation for her death that could guarantee an easy way out is easy to see that it simply doesn’t exist. A crime linked to a sex-scandal involving a swinging group that at the time was in the Algarve but could then be linked to important people back in the UK, would certainly be unacceptable.

Also, if you are well connected, this was certainly a time to activate those connections.

So, probably due to both of these reasons London was contacted and acted promptly. Whoever was listening on the other side didn’t need to be reminded that a bean-spilling process could not only seriously compromise the aspirations of a certain high influential person in an already anticipated replacement for Downing Street, but would unquestionably bring the whole government down due to the national scandal that would certainly break out.

As already said, simply unacceptable, no question about it. Code red. Warn the Ambassador, And anyone else that mattered.

Advice was asked, advice was given. Assurance that everything was under control. The Portuguese are corrupt and easy to get around. No problems there. Got to find a way for you guys to return and hush this as much as possible. Records that would later be deleted (or not, being, at this point, simply dormant). For now, lead your life as much as normal as you can, they were told. We will think of a way to get the body out of the country, they said. Yes, even a female voice to complete the whole James Bond movie. Even the body was there. Pity it was that of a child.

The body was placed in the closet of the master bedroom, the blood in the living room cleaned, explaining why the couch was pushed against the curtains, as it was being replaced in its initial position after the referred cleansing.

Dinner went as planned. If you could call that dinner. A drinker rather, so tense were all of them. Some arrangements had to be made though. Drugging the twins, for one, as they had witnessed a big commotion around them and were probably too excited to sleep. Kate would later question herself on her own capability to do this as she checked the twin’s breathing afterwards. The other change was the frequency of “child checking”. Everybody knew they were in deep shit which explains the unusual need to keep track of the well being of the children. Or, most likely, these outings had to do with calling back home to receive further instructions. To talk about what to do with a body, would be inconvenient at the Tapas, where everybody understood English.

The group waited for instructions. These came when Gerry was out of the table. Or he probably left to get them. One day we will know. For some reason he was instructed to get the body out of the apartment. Maybe due to time constraints to get somebody in time to be able to get rid of the body before the coming morning, and things would be done later. Or maybe because it would be too risky to get it out through diplomatic channels. Most probably just because some explanation would have to be given for the child to be missing the next day. The knowledge that the Portuguese justice system is dysfunctional and very permeable to pressure, thus very easy to overcome or, at least, to get around, helped to come up with the abduction theory.

But like any police novel, you cannot foresee every detail nor anticipate every reaction, and something always does go wrong. Especially if you don’t have a buttler to pin the blame on. In this case, somebody forgot to tell Kate about the change, or better yet, the evolution, of plans. As Gerry was walking towards the beach to bury the body in the beach sand (remember that those first days everybody went looking for a missing girl, not an already dead one, and how it went from the there to the freezer is totally irrelevant), Kate walks into the apartment, for another look at her child, fruit of her womb, goes to look for the body where she left it, and finds an empty closet.

All came together at once in her head. The guilt. The pressure to keep silent. The mother within her, she overreacts. Explodes. Uncontrollably. Runs to the Tapas bar. “They’ve taken her! They’ve taken her!”, “they” she knew an entity she doesn´t know. “We’ve let her down!”. “Her”, whoever was coordinating things and now to who they had some serious explanations to give to. Let’s not forget that reason is totally absent, and only Kate knows why she said them. I guarantee you she knows why, and shall not ever forget that.

This hysterical reaction precipitates things. Blundering, as we all now know, of the covering up of the evidence and the construction of the cover-up. Irrecoverable mistakes. Sloppy procedures. Relying too much on British arrogance. The rest is history. Some call it facts.

FACT is that the way the facts have been denied, bent and stupidly misinterpreted, allowed somebody, namely myself, to come up with such a grotesque theory. If truth had been told from day one, I would have better things to occupy my mind.

To all those that have been fooled by these people by giving their money to them, its time for the McCanns to forego a little auditing, don’t you think?

If it was my money, I would ask for it back.


Some of the reasons that led me to come up with this theory were the following:

1. The holiday in Greece.

Irrelevant the nipple twisting. And finger-sucking. But a common denominator and dominator: David Payne.

2. The apparently purposeless conversation between David Payne and Gerry McCann that took place at the tennis court.

One simply doesn’t leave, without a clear and objective intent, a café by the seaside in a South-Northern direction towards the resort, change directions and go in the resort, walk more than a hundred yards to ask about somebody else’s wife, who was just seen running, thus well and alive.

Then, after this totally incomprehensible question about somebody else’s wife, walk back the way he came from, go to the McCann’s apartment, go to his own, get dressed and appear for a game of tennis. If he went into the resort to ask if he could play some tennis, go to his apartment and come back it would make sense. Anything else has to have motives completely different than those ever voiced.

It’s my firm conviction that David Payne, sitting at the café, saw Kate running by, all sweaty and clothes clinging to her body sexy enough to get him aroused. He left the café and went with the clear intent to go to the tennis-courts to get Gerry’s agreement, or most likely, just to inform him that he was about to have sex with Kate.

The fact that all males left the café with him, only reinforces his dominance in the group. It’s also natural that when one guy leaves, the rest of the pack leaves. Something in human nature, I guess. A high-school thing of not being around when the gals talk between themselves.

3. David Payne going to check on Kate McCann and the McCann kids.

I have spent various holidays with other couples and families, with and without kids, diverse in gender, age and nationality. There’s one thing that has been common to all these group holidays, and that is a private family time at the end of the day. You know, when the group splits up for grooming and such, when you wash the sea salt off and get you and yours ready for dinner, and all those other little things that a family does that its only their business and theirs alone, not because they are secret, but because they are theirs.

It’s totally inadequate for somebody outside the family to go on checking, totally out of the blue, the well-being of another family. Specially having to change direction from where one was going as the accesses to apartment 5A are not, nor at the back, nor at the front, any way, “on the way” to anything. Add this to the fact that he was going home to change for a forthcoming game of tennis, and had just seen Kate running, so he knew she was well.

I also noted also that there are no other reports, whatsoever in the days before, of this kind of “late-afternoon-well-being-concern-check” between members of any of the different families. This was a once-only occurrence that lacks explanation. Unless there was another intent to it, which, is my conviction once again, was the case.

The fact that nobody in the Tapas group, including Gerry, in their statements, consider unnatural and suspicious the behavior of a “male” of one family, with no apparent reason, to go and check on the “female and pups” of another, reinforces, once again, the dominance of David Payne’s personality within the group.

4. The 30 seconds/30 minutes time discrepancies.

It doesn’t require any kind of analysis. The truth is unique, coherent and cohesive. And this is applicable to all other time discrepancies. In this case, very important that Kate tries to limit the conversation to the minimum possible time, so as to avoid having had David inside the apartment.

5. The blood splattered on the walls

A fall between the couch and the wall, by the child alone, as is stated by Mr. Amaral, however much acrobatic it could have been, might explain the death, but never the blood splattering over two walls next to it.

By their layout, those bloods droplets were animated by a quantifiable amount of energy. Hence my supposition that the child must was upright and jumping on the couch at the time she was struck violently, because that’s the most off balance position in which I can place her.

The force required to produce the splattering effect in question, is, to me, only possible due to a blow applied by a male adult. For me, unquestionably, David Payne. This would also explain Kate’s apparent distancing from the events, triggering in herself a sense of innocence as she was not the effective material killer.

6. Cadaver scent by the couch

The body remained there at least for 1½ hours. Or even more. It means that they didn’t call for an ambulance. Probably because the injuries on the child could not be mistaken for those from an accident.

It also means that there was a time where options laid out, analyzed and decisions taken. Phone calls made. Only after some sort of decision taken was the body moved, which means two important things: the extreme level of panic and stress at the time and the total absence of human dignity.

7. The blood and scent of cadaver in the closet.

This was the first location where the body was deposited after the couch. It means that the body was not disposed of in a hurried way, but rather in a planned manner. It awaited there for a better destination.

The body was in the closet when the Tapas 9 were “having” dinner, and was probably the last place Kate saw the body that night, as was the place she was expecting to find it when she came back to see it around 10.00 pm. It’s my firm conviction that there was no intent in calling the police. The body would have been disposed of and Maddie would have probably have drowned in some pool back in the UK. Kate’s reaction indicates that she was absolutely surprised with the absence of Maddie, not in the apartment, but from the closet where she had left her.

8. Kate’s reaction to the disappearance.

Kate’s reaction is of someone who has been robbed. Not of one who has lost a child. When one loses temporarily a child, in a Mall, for example, is to say the child’s name out loud in an anguished manner and immediately search the surroundings for her. The most evident verifiable action would be to knock on the neighbor’s door (this would have been after the natural reaction that would be to go once over around the house looking and calling out for the kid, but this could go unseen). Or if that apartment was empty, to shout for help to the group who was, at least as was said, under visual distance, not more than 75 yards away.

This in the case of a missing child. In the case of an abducted child, where a mother realizes that another human being has snatched her child, the first instinct (the maternal one) would be to grab the twins under her arms as quickly as she could, and run for her life (for that would exactly be what she might be doing) towards the Tapas Bar and get help the quickest possible way and have the police called immediately.

Nothing of this happens. Kate says that she immediately realizes that she has been abducted by the odd fact that the toy was out of reach of the child. This statement is very important, not because the “out-of-reach” doesn’t exist (a shelf that I fail to see in any of the pictures) or that the toy appears to have been left behind next to the pillow where it would be reachable almost by the twins from their cots, but because of what is implied by the statement.

This is similar to the Tapas group finding natural and unsuspicious David’s trip to the apartment in the afternoon. I say that they all thought that anything they said would be good enough. And to be able to think that, they must be assured that they are protected. Only then can it make sense for a person to dare state that a toy out of reach amounts to the fact that her child was, unquestionably abducted. That is downright downsizing the intellectual capabilities of whoever is listening, and that can only come from humungous assurance. At the highest possible level.

But going back to being robbed. When one goes to look for one’s key where one has left them, the natural reaction is to ask out loud “Has anybody taken my keys from the cupboard?”. That simple and uneventful. However, if somebody is safeguarding a one hundred million-dollar diamond, and when one goes back to check if everything is alright and finds it gone, what does one do? One panics. Jumps around in panic, heart beating desperately, arms flailing, and shrieking out “It’s gone! It’s gone! Somebody has taken it!”.

And Kate arrived at the apartment she found that her “diamond” had disappeared from the place she had left her. The closet. That’s why she didn’t cry out from the balcony, but went running all the way back to the Tapas bar. No abductor, no danger. Just a body that had gone missing.

9. Kate’s “We’ve let her down”

Kate’s expression of informing the group that Maddie was missing. Strange words from a mother who has just lost a child. A living, healthy, beautiful daughter.

“Her” is not Maddie. It’s whoever was coordinating the whole thing from London, very little after Maddie was killed. Whatever was done was carefully delineated by some woman, ordering from London. Thus the presence of the British Embassador at the location in the days that followed.
The “dinner” farse, just to keep appearances but where a huge amount of alcohol was drunk, was evidently staged. The plan, as all plans, suffer changes and updates. During dinner the plan was upgraded, but, inadvertently, Kate was not told.

So, when in that state of despair and totally uncontrolled, two things worried Kate: firstly that Maddie’s body was not where she had left it, and that, as it was missing, it imeant that the decided course of action would no longer be taken, thus disappointing instructions from “her”.

10. Mrs Webster remaining seated at the table

Odd behavior for someone who has just realized that a child of the group has disappeared. Old age doesn’t explain it. Nor drunkenness. Just lack of surprise.

11. The British Ambassador

None of the Tapas 9 are sufficiently important for this illustrious visit and support. As proven before, and after. Even if it was all over the news, a comment from, and I mean physically, the Embassy would suffice.